Emotional Freedom Technique by Margaret Hankamp


Запрошуємо вас на цікавий захід - майстер-клас фасилітатора та психолога Маргарет Хенкемп (США) на тему: Emotional Freedom Technique (Техніка емоційної свободи).


 We invite you to take part in extremely interesting WORKSHOP held by an American professional Margaret Hankamp in the Office of Pangeya Ultima.

EFT is, quite simply, the most effective self-help method which is scientific and evidence-based, you can learn it quickly and most people find that sufficient even the very first time they try, they get great results.

You will be able to work on some of the following issues:

- physical pain issues ,
- relationship issues,
- language learning issues;
- fear of public speaking.
- flexibility, breathing

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