Animating camp Image Mapping in Stina


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The Image Mapping project continues in 2017 by cooperation with the new community - The Stina village  of the Vinnytsia region (Стіна, Томашпільського району, Вінницької області). In this village our partner organization NGO "Nashe Podillia" develops the "Eco-learning platform" and prospectively plans to help to the local ihabitants with the sustainable development.

As well the village has a stunning nature: picturesque and steep slopes overgrown by son-trava, the curvy river Rusava and abundant and rich plains. Stina has an interesting ethnographic background - this place is mentioned since very early times and here one can find an old Cossacks village. 


Stina is a remote and prospective community in the sense of green torusim and that's why our project in partnership with the "Eco-learning platform" of NGO Nashe Podillia sets for helping the local inhbitants to understand and exploit own potential.


The Animating camp will be held 12-18 June 2017 in Stina is a partly changed methodology of the Image Mapping community action that does not foresee the creation of the route. However, the main idea of the camp is an exploration of the community potential and stimulation of the local population for presenting own abundancy to tourists.

In the basis of the camp's concept is "Animation" - the envigorating of the processes.

Our two organizations after the camp will organize a so-called "Holiday of Stina" in Vinnytsia in order to inform the inhabitants of the regional capital about this interesting land. 


The camp will be carried out with the support from the Department of the social and youth policy of the Vinnytsia region administration.

The main objectives of the camp are:

1. To explore and accumulate the media-materials about the ethnic, historic and natural heritage of the Stina village and present it on-line and off-line during the "Holiday of Stina" in Vinnytsia;

2. Activate the local population for exploiting of the potential of own village directed towards the development of non-agrarian forms of entrepreneurship;

3. Jointly with the villagers prepare the event under the name  "Holiday of Stina in Vinnytsia" where the Stina folklore, background and other info will be presented. The event will take place 24th of June 2017 on one of the central squares of the city (still being clarified where);

4. Together in the volunteer team to assist in practical way to the build-up of the "Eco-learning platform" of the NGO Nashe Podillya and as well to carry out workshops on ecologic and rural construction.



Working languages in the camp are: English and Ukainian. 


That is why all those who wish to take part in it should possess English at the minimum of intermediate level. The camp is international - it will host volunteers of the "Erasmus Plus" as well as the Peace Corps of the USA. In total 17 people are planned to take part of 16-31 years old.


Registration for the camp is open till 6th of June 2017 - for this, please, write about your wish to the email  Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.  and send your short CV, desirably in English.

The expenses of the participants will be covered: accommodation, food and transportation. ATTENTION: The team is transported by bus from Vinnytsia to Stina, if you travel on your own - this is your own expense! Please, take due notice that the participants are expected to live in the camp conditions (summer shower, compost toilet, tents) and will prepare food for themselves on fire, that is why all interested people should be wary and prepared for this.

The info-sheets will be sent to the selectedd participants separately.

Read more about the Image Mapping project, and as well visit our main web-site where all the media outputs from the actions will appear.