Pangeya Animating camps (PAC)

If you're attracted by travelling to unknown places, wanna find new friends, develop yourslef, spend time with use and fun - "Pangeya Animating camps" is exactly what you're looking for!nnn

PAC is a place for personal growth,

PAC is new acquaintances,

PAC is a new, useful experience,

PAC is an adventure,

PAC is a self-learning opportunity...

"Pangeya Animating camps" is a cultural, mobile and social project of NGO "Development center Pangeya Ultima".The main objectives of the project are to provide Participants with opportunities of personal fulfillment and self-knowledge, building the inter-cultural, inter-regional dialogue, revitalization of local communities and diversification of their social existence, non-formal learning."Pangeya Animating camps" promote mobility, acquaintances, camping, intercultural dialogue, small communities socialization, volunteerism, non-formal and informal education; within project sections: arts and performances, etc.


The name of the camps derives from the English word «animate», which means a number of concepts that lie in the project ideas.The main ones are "to fill with life", "inspire", "enliven".This enlivenment happens to the Participants and the environment which hosts the project.


PAC is a short-term (less than 2 weeks) event, which takes place mainly in the country, in local communities and gathers together people (Ukrainians and often foreigners) interested  in a specific theme and creation of some thematic Products.Participants live in camping conditions with support from Local Partners. The program of each camp is full of thematic activities and interesting events. The Participants also perform a certain amount of voluntary work with educational value.



In the camp besides the local languages (Ukrainian and Russian) English language may be a working one as well in case of PAC internationality. That is why Participants are expected to possess the sufficient level of working languages to create a free communication environment in the group.


Each camp has responsible for its conducting positions among the Participants: the camp Manager (responsible for logistics, relations with the Local Partner, keeping of the camp), camp Leader (responsible for thematic activities of the camp, program of events) and the camp Chronicler (resonsible for photography and filming the events and activities). But one cannot expect that these people will organize everything for others as the camp exists on the equality principles and each Participant contributes own role to the camp's success. These three positions do not make payments for participation.



One of the main thematic types of PAC is an Arts and performances camps. About their organization specifications and conducting features you may read here: Мистецько-майстерські АТП (Arts and Performances camps).

It is the first type of Pangeya Animating camps which is organized from the 2013 season.


NGO "DC Pangeya Ultima" (at least once a year) publishes the Guide on Pangeya Animating camps. In this document one may find the most detailed information on organization, conduct and participation in PAC for all the interested parties: potential Participants, executives of the camp, Local Partners and members of local communities. This Guide can be downloaded from the documents page "Документи" of this web-site, also we can send it to your e-mail after we receive your request on the following e-mail Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. .

The announcement about the recruitment for the nearest camp you can find on this web-site or official groups of "Pangeya" in social networks.

 Our camps:

Буша-A.1301 (Busha-A.1301)