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“Social Taxi” program

Aim of the project: By using social innovations as a tool empower youth to create sustainable, positive and innovative changes in their living environment.

Hosting organization: NGO National institute for social integration.

National Institute for Social Integration (NISI) creates and applies social innovations that support integration of persons from various socially vulnerable groups within the manifold society. NSII has convoked the initiative team, composing from office and external experts, in order to ensure the aim. NISI is distinctive by application of the complex problem-solving pattern, direct inclusion of the socially vulnerable groups and youth in the civic activities. The mission of the organization is implemented by:

   - Supporting society and socially vulnerable groups for interaction and developing mutual understanding;

   - Promoting active participation, inclusion of the socially vulnerable groups within active economic and social activities;

   - Organizing non-formal Human Rights education;

   - Integrating social entrepreneurship as a solution for the local marginalized groups - Roma, persons with mobility disability.

We are members of EU Integration Forum, UNITED for Intercultural Action. Organization simultaneously runs 4 different programs:

   - Journalism education program;

   - Human rights education (All different-all equal; No Hate Speech Movement initiated by Council of Europe;Living Library;

   - Social Taxi;

   - Social innovation laboratory MEDUS in the Antalieptė valley.

 Place of the project: Vilnius, Lithuania

Duration of the service: 12 months (01/03/2016 – 29/02/2017)

We are searching for the volunteer, which would be working in “Social Taxi” program.

Program creates a system for people in a wheelchairs and let them become mobile and independent in planning their daily activities. Aim of this program - unimpeded access for people with impaired mobility while working, learning, communicating and engaging in an active social and cultural life. The service provides efficient movement of people with disabilities to economic and social environment as various organizations, hospitals, shops, cinema, theatre, meetings and etc. 

Volunteer’s profile:

It is expected to host volunteer, who:

• Is 20-30 years old;

• English language skills useful communicating with colleagues, Social taxi users, people from other organizations and institutions, other volunteers;

• Russian language skills is useful communicating with Social taxi users in daily work;

• Has driving skills and driving license (optional, only preferable);

• Organizational skills;

• Has motivation to work with disabled people.

It is also preferable if the volunteer:

• Has quite good computer usage skills;

• Is flexible and communicative;

• Has skills how to use digital camera, video and photo editing programs.

The activities in which volunteer could be involved:

Assistance to Social taxi drivers and its clients (assisting to users to get in/out the car, accompanying clients to different events etc.);

• Helpingto organize different forms of leisure for Social taxi users;

• Helping to fix, register and find ways of solutions for adaptability of public places;

• Making contacts with other organizations;

Social taxi publicity in FB or other social profiles;

The activities the volunteers could create in “Social Taxi” :

•Personal project (Personal project - its volunteers individual project who is devised himself and who is dedicated for Social taxi users It can be some event or action dedicated for disable people or have involve them to some event or action)

Обмеження по віку кандидатів: 20-30 років

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