Kindergarten in Ślęza 2017-18 


WHERE: Przedszkole Samorządowe w Ślęzie

WHEN: 1/9/2017 - 31/8/2018 

CITY: Ślęza/Poland (Lower Silesia region)

Info about Receiving Organization – Kindergarten in Ślęza

About the region

The Lower Silesia region in the history was Polish, Czech, Austro-Hungarian and German and therefore its cultural and historic heritage is multicultural and very impressive. Wroclaw itself is a beautiful city with many historic sites and very friendly atmosphere. We have 14 Universities and Academies and very well developed cultural live. The city is located on the Odra river and is called Polish Venice. The project will be run in Ślęza (small village in the administrative district of Kobierzyce close to Wrocław). The Commune of Kobierzyce, situated in the center of Lower Silesia, has become one of the most dynamically developing local communities.The commune numbering slightly more than 14.500 inhabitants occupies a terrain that is close to the intersections of many international and national roads; it also borders on Wrocław City. These assets have made Kobierzyce commune attractive for Polish and foreign investors.

About the project

Our project connects body institution with the needs of the local people. We want to arrange some festivals and shows for people who are living there. Our kindergarten is not only the place for the kids, but also is a place, where people can meet, talk and play together. We want to support this aim of our institution. Our surrounding is a quiet, and peaceful surrounding, with fast access to the center (20 min.) at the same time. 

The special rules include non-smoking and non-alcohol during and before activities with children and youth, being basic personal culture and respecting the others. 

Our Kindergarten is a public body. We work with 220 children between 3 - 5 years old form rural community Ślęza. We are working form Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Every day teachers conduct classes for children in accordance with the requirements for educational institutions. But in our kindergarten we also prepare many different activity such as: festivals, family celebrations, sports competitions, theater performances, tours.  In our institution is work 18 teachers with the full pedagogic qualification, psychologist, logopedist and pedagogist, we have also 8 support staff. we are cooperating with the primary and secondary school in our community. In school year we have some polish volunteers, who are reading a books and playing with the children. Also form Wrocław University we have some trainees, who are learning, how to work in a kindergarten. We have also cooperation with the parents and other adults, who support us in our casual activity.

The main aim of our place is to support children in a comprehensive development, develop their passions and interests and creative skills. Our great success is satisfaction our children and parents. But we gain awards and titles such us: affiliate kindergarten, optimistic kindergarten, safe kindergarten. Place were we are working is modern, adapted for people with disabilities and children. In every class we have bathroom, playground and access to big garden. We have also kitchen and cook, who prepare food for 220 children.

 Role of EVS volunteers in the host organization

1) In our kindergarten volunteers can learn:
- about polish culture and tradition (how we celebrate our feasts, polish language, polish mentality);
- how to work with the small children (3-5 years old);
- work in a professional teachers team;
- how to organize big festivals for local community;
- systematic work;
- how to solve the problems of a young people;
- hove to use different method in working with children;
- how to create decorations and some easy tools, that can help with working with kids.
They can also change the mentality and the way of thinking about different culture. And gain the experience with working with kids, teachers, parents, local community.

2) The role of EVS Volunteers is:
to revitalize the rural community, through assist in a group of kids when they have a time for free activities, to support ideas of parents and coordinating it, to enliven people, who are living in our village.

3) The activities of EVS volunteers are:
- to prepare some workshops about their culture, tolerance, language for the children, parents;
- to do sport competition, some outdoor festivals;
- to organize theater group, music group (it depends of the skills of the volunteers);
- to prepare two meetings with the teacher about tolerance, mentality, different culture;
- make an national workshops;
- to assist on the kids trip;
- to help kids solve their problems.


Кандидати 20-30 років, знання англійської на рівні intermediate чи польської на середньому рівні, наявність закордонного паспорту та відсутність заборон на виїзд за кордон, можливість та бажання провести увесь період проекту в Польщі - 1 рік.

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