“BELIEVE”-Make it done with fun

Latvia, Apšuciems, 17-22 June 2019 (including travel days)

A training course based on methods, approaches and tools for process


The organizations NGO “ALIVE” (Latvia) has delivered training courses for youth workers, social workers and educators. During the years, meeting hundreds of participants around Europe, it has become clearer and clearer that there is a need for one method who be a big helper in Youth workers daily work. We have a lot of methods, but not one who can be support in every situation, so we start to develop only one big method, which brings the answers and helps in daily practice in almost every field.
Being this perception supported by literature, we came out with the concept of Process management game “BELIEVE” and our project “BELIEVE - Make it done with fun” that put together few concepts:
• B - Basics
• E - Existence
• L - Love
• I - Identity
• E - Expression
• V - Vision
• E - Environment


Which all together make a word “BELIEVE”, so it is the game form Youth workers, which make You BELIEVE in success, life, You and the World and will help it for Youngsters as well. So it is 4 day training course only about this one method, but in very deep level. To make your daily work easier and life happier.
Project “BELIEVE – Make it done with fun” is 5 days non-formal educational training program, which will include 22 participants from 5 countries. The training will take place in Latvia, within the frame of EU program “Erasmus+” (Youth). Partner countries of the project: Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Portugal and Latvia. There will be four participants from each country and 6 from Latvia including trainers and staff.

Within the framework of the project and training, participants (youth workers) will acquire and will be able to use the BELIEVE game as an informal education training and working method for integration, further dissemination and application in practice within their own country and organization to strengthen their communication, mobility, adaptation, awareness, deep listening and other competences relevant to the project.

The direct target audience is youth workers, non-formal education coaches, career counselors, educators, managers, team leaders, team intelligence trainers and similar professionals and staff working in any field working in any field and Youth. An implicit audience is anyone, because it is important to reach as many people as possible based on the goal.

The program is based on the "BELIEVE" game, which is developed based on 7 base modules - Basics, Existence, Love, Identity, Expression, Vision and Environment (The first letters create word "BELIEVE" ). The training program will be based on the one-method basis and its integration.

1) Youth workers will learn, get it in their own use and will receive a tangible, powerful, practice-tested, developed method, a game with methodological material - game "BELIEVE" including several non-formal education methods related to the acquisition of basic methods through learning by learning and learning to learn, as well as learning to be, be with others and learn to use it at work with others in accordance with their needs in their organization and society;

2) Youth workers will promote their understanding of processes and their interrelationships by acquiring knowledge, ability to analyze, evaluate, recognize and prevent, and promote their leadership and communication skill;

3) Through the project, youth workers will explore ways to identify how to work with the game, integrate it, act and other methods;

4) Organize the transfer of acquired skills and games "BELIEVE" in the country to other youth professionals and young people;

5) Using the skills and methods learned in the project, youth workers will be able to motivate, engage and integrate young people in activities, society, learning processes and elsewhere;

6) Participants and the organization will strengthen and gain new experience, strengthen their organization and its activities, as well as acquire new contacts and opportunities for future cooperation projects;

7) improve and supplement non-formal education methodology and experience.

The host organization and trainers are very well experienced in non-formal education, in the programme “Youth in Action”/”Erasmus+” and social inclusion area, as well as in process management area.

Наша організація шукає учасників - молодіжних працівників, котрі готові збагатитись даною методологією BELIEVE і використовувати її в своїй роботі, неформальній освіті і інших соціальних проектах. Пишіть нам на пошту Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. або Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. Всі витрати для учасника компенсуються програмою.